January 19th, 2012
by Kevin


In 2005, Bill Sirakos and Kevin Kubala attended their very first Pittsburgh Pirates Fantasy Camp. Although Bill lived in San Antonio, Texas, and Kevin in Pittsburgh, it was soon discovered that Bill had grown up in Pittsburgh, and his Mom lived in Upper St. Clair, where Kevin worked for the police department. Across from Bill’s Mom’s house, Upper St. Clair was developing a new Community and Recreation Complex where a cornfield once stood. A new baseball field was carved out of the cornstalks – it was truly a “field of dreams.”

Bill and Kevin “had a catch” at the new ball field soon after its’ completion, and talked about playing a real game there with other fantasy campers. After the 2010 Camp, while Bill and Kevin were discussing the upcoming Fantasy Camp reunion at PNC Park, Bill said “Kev, one hour is not enough.” From that statement in the spring of 2010, the idea was born to organize a day of baseball for their fellow Fantasy Campers the day before the “one hour” games at PNC Park. The rest, as they say, is history.

Watch Ray Kinsella and his Dad “have a catch” at the Field of Dreams → Ray and his Dad having a catch



Cornfield Corsairs Patch

After the first “Field of Dreams Games in 2010, veteran Fantasy Camper Paul McCann made a suggestion that we needed a special patch for the Field of Dreams players. Paul and his wife Paula thought about it and remembered when Pirate’s Broadcaster Rosie Roswell used to call them the “Corsairs”, and naturally the first part of the name had to be “Cornfield”, since that’s just what the Field of Dreams was carved from! Paul had his granddaughter from Utah, Laura Halliday, design a mock up version for us to consider. After being on the back burner for about a year, and Paul’s insistence that this was a good idea, he proposed it to Joe Billetdeaux. Thinking this was something that could work, Joe took Paul’s idea and Laura’s design and came up with two versions of the patch – one with gold lettering and a black “P”, and one with black lettering and a gold “P”. After careful deliberation, it was agreed that the design with the black lettering and gold “P” was the one to use.

At the 2012 Field of Dreams Games, Joe presented Paul, Bill, and Kevin with a bag of stunning “Cornfield Corsairs” patches, which were given to all of the Fantasy Campers who participated in the Field of Dreams Games. These patches will be proudly worn on the right sleeve of the home or away jersey, and will hopefully encourage more campers to consider playing in the Field of Dreams Games each year. Paul, thank you for coming up with this great idea, and Joe, thank you for getting the patch design and artwork tweaked, and for donating the patches to us. We have now made the Cornfield Corsairs patch the official logo of the Field of Dreams Games. Thank you Paul, Paula, Laura, and Joe for making this happen!

Prototype Patch #1

Prototype Patch #2

Joe Billetdeaux handing out the Cornfield Corsairs patches to players at the 2012 Field of Dreams Games


Paul McCann - Click Image to Enlarge

Paul McCann – Click Image to Enlarge